group leaders

Community Groups are at the core of our church! Here are some of our amazing Community Group Leaders! To find out days/locations of the Community Groups we offer, click here!

  • Jason & Sarah Sells

    married's community group

    We are so excited to continue working on our own marriage while simultaneously supporting other couples in our group! In today's society it's really easy to slip into a child-centered or job-centered marriage, so we want to work especially hard to make sure we stay God-centered with our spouses and see Him work through us! 

  • Brian & joy badillo

    Setting aside time to work on marriage and grow together with my spouse keeps us accountable and encouraged.  We LOVE being a part of a married group!

  • josh & stephanie Whited

    married's community group

    Having a married's group geared towards First Responders has developed a place where everyone understands the good, the bad, and the ugly of life that is not the norm for most people. It is a place where we are made to slow down and concentrate on our relationship with God, our spouse, and our family while being among others who understand a crazy schedule and life. We help each other through life's situations that occur when you are living life as a First Responder.

  • ROd & Renee Hidalgo

    Married's community group

    Keep a healthy, vibrant marriage is no small task in our day and age! Marrieds group has been a lifeline for us since our first year of marriage! We love being involved in leading a group now to help encourage other couples to continue to grow toward's God's best for their marriages! Come join us!

  • Stan Parrish

    men's community group

    I love seeing men become what God has already envisioned them to be.

  • Matt Moore

    Mixed community group/Men's Community Group

    My hope is to build relationship and find people who want to truly know each other.  Not just the surface person, or the Sunday morning, “Everything is fabulous and no I didn’t get in a fight with my spouse and yell at my kids just an hour ago” person, but the real individual who is flawed, and makes mistakes, and has dreams and fears and hopes. I want to know that person. And from there we can see what we can learn from and what we can teach each other.

  • Alex parrish

    mixed community group

    Life together is never dull! Our Group asks one another every week, "How can we pray? How can we help?" This is the foundation of our group. We're looking for better ways to follow Jesus and serve one another. As a mixed group, we have both married and single people, and our study topics reflect that.

  • Kylie Mogee

    3rd - 5th Grade community Group

    I love seeing kids choose to know and follow Jesus. My heart for this community group is that their hearts would be set on fire for God, and that it would be a safe place for them to learn, ask questions and, of course, have fun! Every night will be filled with dinner, games, a devotional, fun activities, and worship. I hope to see all your kids there! 

  • Rod Hidalgo

    3rd - 5th grade community group

    I always get excited when I see children and youth in love for Jesus! I believe that God is doing something new and fresh in this generation, and I want to part of it!

  • Renee Hidalgo

    College ladies mentoring group

    When I was in college, I had a couple of ladies pour into me that were a few steps ahead of me. In this season, this is an area that I want to be able to turn around and help do that for college ladies that are in the trenches of living out their faith authentically during their college years!

  • Scott mann

    mixed community group

    My prayer is for this group to grow closer to God. In our small community we desire real (flawed) people who love God and want to get to know him better. To achieve that, we focus on authentic sharing, study of His word, discussion, and prayer. 

  • Mike & Cat Mansdoerfer

    next gen - Youth community group

    Our goal is to help our Junior High church members to create a genuine community where each one experiences the love of Christ.  We aim to facilitate relationships with God, one another, and people outside of our immediate circle so that the love of Christ is magnified.

  • Caleb walsingham

    next gen - youth community group

    I'm exited to get to be a part of helping the youth grow closer to God and build community together. It's my passion to help people, especially youth, better understand God, His Word, and their place in His kingdom.

  • Haley O'Brien

    Next gen - youth community group

    I absolutely adore our youth! My heart for our youth is that they will be equipped with the Truth and will have a strong foundation to stand on while walking through middle school and high school. These times are tough, but we hope that our discipleship and community with the next generation will be a place that we can grow, learn, and be on fire for Jesus!

  • Hannah burnette

    next gen -youth community group

    I am excited to have the opportunity to love these Junior High girls well. I gave my life to Christ in High School because a Young Life leader poured into my life. I want to turn around now and invest in teens the same way my leader invested in me. 

  • Chase & Kristan West

    College Age Lunch/Community Group

    We love investing in college students! Our lives are centered around educating, training, and mentoring this unique age group.  There are so many huge transitions that face college-aged people and we want to see them come together in community to equip one another for life-long relationships with Christ!

  • simon & beverly cook

    seasoned adults community group

    This is a group for those of us 50 and older where we gather together to study God's word as it relates to us during this unique season of our lives. Sharing our experiences, we offer each other friendship, support, and encouragement. We know that God values our maturity as an asset that He will use in our church, in our families, and in our community.

  • Heather Parrish

    Women's Group

    Being a quiet introvert in a busy, loud world can be intimidating.  Taking that first step to open yourself up to a group of people can seem overwhelming, if that isn't something you're naturally comfortable doing.  But even though I'm more at ease alone than I am with others, that doesn't mean I don't truly love the people God has placed in my life.  It is my goal to humbly seek God's direction, so that our group can offer a safe, holy place for women to gather together, sharing and supporting each other, being honest about our joys and our struggles and living life together.

  • Andrea Schindler

    Women's Group

    This is a group of dynamic ladies who want to connect, to be seen and heard, to help each other persevere and to be encouraged. Please come and join the conversation! 


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