Ministry Leaders

  • Cat mansdoerfer

    Youth Director

    I had a great experience growing up in kids and youth, and I'm passionate about sharing God's love with our younger generation!

  • Jennifer Holdaway

    Children's Overseer

    I am encouraged by seeing children grow and develop into followers of God. I also find enjoyment in seeing people use their giftings to lead these children to become more Christ-like.

  • Dee Dee Somervell

    Children's overseer

    When I was very little, a Bible School teacher told me that Jesus loved me and she taught me how to pray. I had never heard this before, and it changed my life. We are never too young to experience changed lives because of God's love!

  • fritz schindler

    worship leader

    When we lead worship each week, we're helping our church family connect with God, and at the same time having loads of fun making great music together, too! There's a special, Jesus-centered, community aspect to everything we do at CLife and being part of the worship team is one of my all-time favorite parts!

  • Sammi Lytton

    Worship Leader

    There's nothing I love more than making music that blesses God.  I'm honored to be able to serve him and help others see the amazing power of what a true relationship with him is about.  We stand in awe of his glory and we get the chance to show him our adoration each week as a church family!

  • Leigh-Anne Hall

    Food ministry coordinator

    I simply love serving others, especially those in need of meals. It brings me such great joy!

  • Simon Cook

    media coordinator

    I love using the talents that God has given me to enhance the worship experience for those who come to our services to seek His Kingdom.