Women are one of God's most precious jewels of creation!

It's hard being a woman in today's world! Whether single or married, mother or grandmother, full-time student or career-world woman (or, more than likely, a mixture of all the above!), God has uniquely created and gifted women to make a difference for His Kingdom!

At CLife, we want to love and support the women of our body by gathering together once a month or so for creative and life-giving events that truly feed the soul. Simple, laid-back events (read: community) are also a great time to invite other women in your life (who might not know God yet) into the circle of God's love. Sometimes this is easier than asking them to make the larger 'leap' of coming to church on a Sunday morning! 

We also know that many women are 'get-it-done-type' gals that are eager to serve and make an impact for Christ! Keep your eyes open for various service projects throughout the year to put all of our women's giftings and abilities to good use!

Contact us with any questions and make sure to check our calendar regularly for a complete list of upcoming events!