Worship team appearance guidelines

The goal of CLife worship is to create an environment where our community of believers can worship the Lord with as few distractions as possible. We work hard to ensure that our voices, instruments, and appearance are all in accordance with this goal. We all need to work hard to make sure the appearance of our stage and the musicians on it help facilitate a worshipful environment. 

As a CLife musician, it's important to be intentional about your dress. Does our appearance bring focus to ourselves or does it bring glory to God? Are we helping or hindering others to worship Christ? 

Since we are in front of the congregation on a stage, it's important to contemplate how we present ourselves. Clothing can look much different when you are elevated above most people's eye level and illuminated by stage lights! Here are some guidelines that we consider useful to follow in order to achieve our goal of enhancing worship: 

  • Remember that things look different on stage! You'll be in an elevated position in front of the congregation for an extended time.
  • Always wear modest clothing
    • No transparent clothes, excessive skin showing, skin-tight clothing, spandex, or sweatpants.
    • Ladies - avoid skirts above the knee, low-cut tops
    • Men - avoid shorts above the knee, sagging or too tight pants
  • Layers are your friend! Although we have fans on stage, you may get easily overheated.  You don't want to be stuck wearing a sweater under hot stage lights!
  • Make sure to double check that your clothing is free from large tears, stains, and any other distractions.
  • Use discretion when selecting clothes that are brightly colored or have graphics/words on them. We don't want people trying to figure out what your shirt says rather than what God is trying to say to them. 
If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!