Below you will find some basic info on the tools we use. We believe these will be tremendously helpful to you in your preparation time. Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you need more information!

Planning Center

Planning Center is the main tool that we use for scheduling, practicing music, and planning Sunday mornings. As a new member, you will receive access to this tool that should help you greatly in your preparation for your scheduled service. We love it. You're gonna love it too!

Once you receive your welcome email, you should be able to create an account to use. Didn't receive an email? That's okay, just let us know! Did you forget your password? We have a solution for that too - just tell us and we're happy to help!

Click HERE to access Planning Center!

Planning Center Self - Help

If this is your first time using Planning Center (or maybe your first time on a worship team!), then PC has a great resource for you! Their website is equipped with a search function that will allow you to ask a question and their search engine will give you articles related to your query. For instance, check out their super-helpful introduction page for new team members! 

Services App

There's an app for everything - even for your worship tools! If you are using a mobile device, we highly recommend downloading the Planning Center Services App from your App Store. 

The Services App is a quick way to respond to scheduling requests, see who else is on the team, view the order of service, and so much more! You'll definitely want to give it a try!

Check out this video to get you started! 


Music Stand

Music Stand is one of our favorite tools! It's a part of Planning Center, but is geared more toward use in a live performance. You can use Music Stand on a laptop, tablet, or even your phone! There are a lot of cool features but the basic idea is that Music Stand will show you all of the songs that are planned for your scheduled service along with the lyrics and chords!

These chord charts can also be transposed to different keys. There are a lot of great features to Music Stand, so you'll certainly want to check it out. And as always, if you have questions then just ask us! 

For more info on Music Stand, click HERE

In-Ear Monitors

Another tool that we have on our Worship Team is the In-Ear Monitor system. This is a great system that we use on Sunday mornings in order to be able to hear ourselves play music. Check out the video for a quick tutorial on how to use this system.