We think the battle for today's youth is worth fighting!


To create an environment of authentic Christian community by guiding teenagers UP towards God, IN towards community, and OUT to the world.

This is done in several ways.

First, we incorporate our youth into all aspects of the larger church community life. On Sunday mornings, you will see our youth serving in kid's classes, nursery, on the worship team, running media, and more! This is 'their' church, too!

Second, we actively help create an environment to disciple our youth by offering Youth Community Groups on Monday evenings, we currently have a Junior High Group 6th--8th grade and a High School 9th--12th group, and is a place for Bible study, discussion, accountability, and growth. 

Third, let's face it... youth want to have fun! Peers are a major influence during this time of a teen's life. We offer fun, life-giving, community-building activities not only for our youth to participate in, but also to give them a place to invite their friends to that still need to know God!

Our youth program is for anyone in 6th--12th grade. 

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amazing youth group...

Community Life Church is a church that gives so much to the community and strives to be an example of Christ. They have an amazing youth group that my son cannot wait to get to each week as well as Community Groups for men, married people, youth.