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WHAT'S IN A NAME ? Saul    9/17/17

Greetings CLife family!


Last week we looked at Bible Web App and how it can help us study the Bible. This week I’d like to introduce a few other tools we can use to better understand scripture.


First up is probably the best resource presently available. Biblical Training is a website which is full of downloadable lectures from some of the smartest Christians alive. Would you like to know how we got our English Bible? They have a free course for that. Would you like to study the Life of Christ in more detail? Yeah, there’s a free course for that as well. These courses vary in length. Some of them come with downloadable workbooks. Some have video lectures to accompany the audio. All you must do is register for a free account, and you can download tons of resources for free. The available courses vary from Theology, to Evangelism, to Worship. I’ve downloaded and listened to several, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.


Our next resource is the Bible Project. We’ve discussed it briefly a few times on Sunday morning. They have a video series on How to Read the Bible that is both visually attractive and incredibly useful. They also have videos covering every book of the Bible, along with many videos covering various Biblical themes. Their website also has several resources, including links to download their videos and posters.


Along the same lines as the Bible Project, there is also a YouTube channel called Seven Minute Seminary. True to the name, these videos are all around seven minutes long, and they cover all sorts of important and/or complicated topics. Ever wonder if we can trust our Bible translations? They have you covered. Would you like to understand Easter better? Done.


Have you ever wondered about Church History? For instance, who wrote Silent Night, and why? Ryan Reeves has you covered in this video. His YouTube channel is fantastic. You can find all sorts of interesting info about the life of the church, like Who Started Giving Christmas Presents?


Finally, if you are really interested in understanding a specific book of the Bible, look no further than Biblical eLearning. They have videos covering Job, the Psalms, Acts, and Romans (along with plenty of others). These videos feature some of the top Biblical scholars in the world. For instance, their Acts video is by Craig Keener who wrote a 4-volume commentary on Acts that is a total of 4,000 pages long. So, you could say he understands Acts pretty well. Consequently, it is well worth watching these videos if you are looking to understand a particular book of the Bible.


Please take advantage of these wonderful resources as you dive deeper into your study of the Word.


By: Professor Ryan Lytton, Ignite-Life Pacific College

what's in a name ? Samuel    9/10/17

Check out this video from Professor Ryan Lytton for tips on studying the Bible and more insight into 1 Samuel.